| Last Updated:2/6/2015


Scientist Area of Specialization
N. K. Vasu , Director 
DR. I.D. Arya  Forest Genetics and Biotechnology
Dr. S.I. Ahmed  Forest Entomology
Dr. G. Singh  Forest Ecology
Dr. K. K. Srivastava  Forest Pathology
Dr. Ranjana Arya  Soil Science
Dr. D.K. Mishra  Seed Technology
Dr. U.K. Tomar  Forest Genetics
Dr. Sarita Arya  Forest Genetics and Biotechnology
Sh. N. Bala  Forest Ecology
Dr. Mala Rathore  Phyto-chemistry
Sh. A.K Sinha  Information Technology
Dr. Tarun Kant  Biotechnology
Smt. Seema Kumar  Forest Entomology
Dr. Abha Rani  Phyto-chemistry
Dr. Sangeeta Singh  Forest Pathology
Smt. Bhawana Sharma  Forest Pathology
Dr. N. K. Bohra  Soil Conservation and Climate Change
Dr. Bilas Singh  Agro-Forestry
Dr. Neelam Verma  Forest Pathology
Dr. Meeta Sharma  Forest Entomology
Smt. Sangeeta Tripathi  Socio-Economics
Sh. S.R. Baloch  Plant Taxonomy & Plant Biodiversity
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Gupta  Research Officer II