| Last Updated:10/10/2018

ICAR- CAZRI ENVIS Centre (Jodhpur)

The main object of the Institute Central Arid Zone Research Institute (CAZRI) was to find ways and means to control the spreading of desert in Rajasthan, which occupies 61% of the total desert area of the whole country and is known as Thar Desert. The major area of this region has been divided in two parts known as Arid and Semi Arid Areas of Rajasthan. Low and erratic precipitation, frequent droughts, intense radiation, occurrence of frost and dust storms, poor soil conditions, limited water for humans, livestock and irrigation, soil erosion, low plant productivity, inadequate exposure to modern farming technologies, etc., are of common constrains of this region. These conditions have created specific environmental, biotic and socio economic problems for the region. On the other hand, this area is full of natural resources like plenty of sunshine, possibilities of agriculture production and dry farming after sand dune stabilization and completion of Indira Gandhi Canal Project. These factors drew the attention of the policy makers in department of Environment to establishment a "Distributed Information Centre" (DIC) on Desertification at CAZRI" under "Environmental Information System" (ENVIS) keeping in view the above facts. Under the network system of ENVIS, the DIC established at ICAR-CAZRI will keep constant and active relations with International, National and Regional Agencies engaged in desertification research in India and abroad. In addition to this, other resources for storing the data at ICAR- CAZRI, DIC is utilizing internet facilities, reprographic methods and other necessary aids. For dissemination of stored information, many services viz. documentation, indexing, abstracting and photocopying services are being provided. Besides this, newsletters, bibliographies and bulletins are being brought out. Apart from this, the short queries are being answered on phone and packages of information are being furnished to the visiting persons. Lab information to adopters services will be initiated for the progressive farmers in near future.

Subject Area:

"Combating Desertification"


The centre is under the overall administration of the Director ICAR/CAZRI , Jodhpur.The day to day affairs of the centre are being supervised and managed by the PI-ENVIS CAZRI, Jodhpur. There are 4 project staff working under the centre to look after the needs of collection, compilation, database development, updating information on the database and in website, etc.


  1. Dr. O.P. Yadav- Chairman
  2. Dr. J.P. Singh- Principal Investigator
  3. Dr. R.S. Tripathi- Member
  4. Sh. Dipankar Saha- Member
  5. Sh. Tirth Das- Member Secretrary
  6. Dr. Sangeeta Goyal- Programme Officer
  7. Dr. Mayur Bhati - I.T. Officer/ GIS Expert
  8. Mr. Karmveer Singh Bhati- Data Entry Operator/ Para Taxonomist