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EIACP is a decentralized system with a network of distributed subject oriented centres ensuring integration of national efforts in environmental information collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination to all concerned.

Realizing the importance of Environmental Information, the Government of India, in December 1982, established an Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building programme System (EIACP) as a plan programme. The focus of EIACP since inception has been on providing environmental information to decision makers, policy planners, scientists and engineers, research workers, etc. all over the country. Presently the EIACP network consists of Focal Point at the Ministry of Environment and Forests and EIACP centres set up in different organizations/establishments in the country in selected areas of environment. These centres have been set up in the areas of combating desertification, pollution control, toxic chemicals, central and offshore ecology, environmentally sound and appropriate technology, bio-degradation of wastes and environment management, etc. EIACP focal point ensures integration of national efforts in environmental information collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination to all concerned.

Objectives of EIACP RP

Long-term objectives

  • To build up a repository and dissemination centre in Environmental Science and Engineering
  • To gear up the modern technologies of acquisition, processing, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information of environmental nature; and
  • To support and promote research, development and innovation in environmental information technology.

Short-term objectives

  • To provide national environmental information service relevant to present needs and capable of development to meet the future needs of the users, originators, processors and disseminators of information
  • To build up storage, retrieval and dissemination capabilities with the ultimate objectives of disseminating information speedily to the users
  • To promote, national and international cooperation and liaison for exchange of environment related information
  • To promote, support and assist education and personnel training programmes designed to enhance environmental information processing and utilization capabilities;
  • To promote exchange of information amongst developing countries

Responsibilities of EIACP centres

  • Building up a good collection of books, reports and journals in the particular subject area of environment
  • Establishment of linkages with all information sources in the particular subject area of environment
  • Responding to user queries
  • Establishment of a data bank on some selected parameters relating to the subject area;
  • Coordination with the Focal Point for supplying relevant, adequate and timely information to the users
  • Helping the Focal Point in gradually up an inventory of information material available at the centre, identification of information gaps in the specified subject areas and action to fill these gaps
  • Bringing out newsletters/publications in their subject area for wide dissemination

Dr. O.P. Yadav


Dr. P.C. Moharana

Principal Investigator & Coodinator

Dr. Vipin Choudharuy


Dr. Mayur Bhati

Programme Officer

Ms. Sonali

Information Officer

Mr. Avinash Khatri

IT Officer/ GIS Expert